H2O Outdoor Business Consultancy

  • Do you have a successful and exciting outdoor business?
  • Are you busy dealing with day to day enquiries and ensuring your customers are getting the best service possible?

Many outdoor providers are successful because they live and breathe outdoor pursuits, however from time to time they need help and advice from an external expert who can look over such aspects as operational procedures, risk assessments, staff training and business planning.

As a Royal Yachting Association inspector and with work as an advisory technical expert to a number of outdoor providers throughout Scotland, Ireland and Cornwall, Steve is able to share best practice, and give advice on national standards for operational procedures. He can help with staff training and conducting audits to help fully evaluate possible opportunities within the outdoor sector in which you may consider investing to stay ahead of the competition.

A recent visit from Steve Bowens, as a technical expert in water activities has proved invaluable to our company.  His wealth of knowledge, professionalism and genuine interest in the outdoor industry is second to none. As well as professional advice on equipment and training his vision for the future for our company was motivational, inspiring current staff and management.His humor is infectious and he is an inspirational guy to have around the centre for a day

Anne Dempsey MBE – Ardclinis Outdoor Adventure Ltd


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